Home Security Is More Than a Financial Investment

It is not unusual to look at home security from a financial standpoint. You invest in a security system to protect your home against burglary. You might spend extra for additional video cameras and motion sensors because you have valuable collections you want to protect. That all makes perfect sense. Just know that home security is more than a financial investment.

Sound finances are important. But money and possessions can be replaced. People cannot. Moreover, the mental and emotional toll left behind in the wake of burglary or home invasion can be more harmful to family members than any monetary loss. For example, how will you family members ever get back to feeling safe at home following a traumatic burglary?

Vivint Smart Home published a post on their website offering ten reasons to invest in a home security system. Some of those reasons go right along with the point of this post.

Protecting Your Family


Protecting your physical possessions is one thing. Protecting your family is another matter entirely. It is also more important. So ask yourself this: what would your spouse and children do if they ever returned home only to be confronted by a couple of burglars?

In a best-case scenario, the burglars would turn tail and run without harming anyone. But maybe that doesn’t happen in this case. Perhaps they turn on your spouse and children instead. Just thinking about it is enough to send chills running down your spine.

To the extent that home security systems deter burglary, they also protect your family. Burglars will avoid a home they know is armed with home security and secured by remote monitoring. They hate monitored home security; they prefer easier targets.

Giving Them Peace of Mind


Another thing to consider is the possibility that some of your family members live with the ever-present fear of burglary and home invasion. Perhaps the fear is justified because your family has been victimized. Maybe your home has never been burglarized but the fear still exists. Either way, living in fear does not equate with feeling safe and comfortable at home.

Home security system with around-the-clock monitoring offers the peace of mind your family members deserve. They can rest easier knowing that remote monitoring personnel are always keeping an eye on the house. If an alarm is ever triggered or camera activated, someone will know.

Independence for Your Parents


Maintaining the safety and peace of mind your immediate family deserves is sufficient motivation to get into home security. But let us take that one step further. Maybe your senior parents are either living with you or still in the family home you grew up in. Investing in home security for them can mean they get to maintain their independence for longer.

A home security system for them would include all the same features your system has. In addition, though, it could include home health monitoring. In other words, the system could be equipped with a medical alert feature in the event that one or both of your parents had an accident. Medical alerts utilize a pendant worn around the neck or on the wrist. In the event of an emergency, the wearer need only push a button to get help.

Investing in home security to protect your possessions is wise. Investing in it to protect your family and offer them peace of mind is a better reason. Both your immediate and extended family are more important than any possessions you could ever own. If you can keep them safer with home security, why would you not do it?

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