Difference between left and right Twix

Chocolate is no doubt the most elite sweet ever created. You will rarely find a person saying that they are not a fan of chocolate like come on! Who doesn’t like chocolates? Real chocolate lovers know that every chocolate is tasty but still there are some brands whose chocolate recipes are undeniably exceptional! The same goes for Twix chocolate who created a long debate about the difference between left and right Twix.

A few years back Twix launched a commercial that lures the fans into the greatest chocolate mystery ever. It created the left and right rivalries claiming that they look similar but are completely different from the inside. People ran online questionnaires to argue about the two sides. The chocolate lovers are the same but the side they choose makes them different from each other. So your favorite side of chocolate says a lot about you. But what makes them distinct from each other is still a question. To end this mystery, here we are going to share the exact differences between the two!

When someone handles a chocolate bar on any occasion what is the first that comes into your mind? Well, the one thing that would pop into my mind is if the chocolate smells good or not. If it smells good it will have a fabulous taste. The same goes for all the Twix chocolate. Chocolate is just not rich in taste but also in nutrients and flavors.

Before we point out the prominent difference between left and right Twix let’s first explore each one separately.

Exploring the left side of the Twix:

On a Twix chocolate bar, the left side is written in red on a white label. It is an excellent combination of the best ingredients ever.  The chocolate is drizzled with caramel and a crunchy cookie is present inside making it more sweaty and crunchy. Just the tiny description of it is mouthwatering, imagine the taste!

Exploring the right side of the Twix:

The right side of the Twix chocolate bar is as mouth-watering as the first one. On the wrapper, it is written, the right Twix is written in white on a red label. The fine ingredients used in the making of this chocolate make it even more crunchy and luscious.

It is covered in chocolate with cascaded caramel and a crunchy cookie inside. If you like your chocolate crunchier, it might make your taste buds dance just fine.

The main difference between right and left Twix:

It is not easy being a chocolate lover. Imagine entering a chocolate shop. tHere you see tons of chocolate uniquely packed with so many different flavors. Choosing only one from the many is such a difficult decision. Still, there are so many brands that have nailed this job and created a unique flavour that is beyond comparison. The same goes for the left and right Twix. Both of them are the best version of any chocolate ever made. You can not claim one superior over the other one.

You will have a great number of fanatics taking interest in the campaign. They are so devoted to finding the difference between the two. While some people say that these have more similarities than differences, the modern-day Twix rival factories have claimed that the two sides are nothing alike.

The difference is in the coating process. In the right Twix, the caramel cascades onto the cookie while in the left one it flows on the cookie. All these years and fans are still curious about the actual difference. To increase the curiosity among chocolate lovers, twix.com made a statement. According to them the right Twix bar and left one was packed in the exact same location at the Twix union packaging company but the hours were not the same. The left one was packed between 11:00 am to 12:00 am and the right was packed between 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

They might have a lot in common but Still, the fans are convinced that the two have differences.

Some claim that the right one is way crunchier and sweeter because it is covered with chocolate with cascaded caramel. Others have the opposite opinions. They claim that the left is crunchier because the cookie is enrobed in the chocolate which is drizzled with caramel. Because of this, the cookie inside appears crunchier. Different people have different opinions especially when it comes to food, what can we say?.

The manufacturers of the company have not released any statement leaving the fans in a constant state of confusion. They claimed them to be different but still, there is no denying the immense similarity these two possess. Whether there is any prominent difference between the two, the chaos it created sure has benefited the company owners.

The marketing influence:

Only clever brains can boost the sales for the brand. To make sure that people are still interested in buying your product you must introduce new ideas to promote it frequently. Twix, one of the brands of mars inc, did the same thing. They created a never-ending debate and their sales are still increasing. The more people become curious, the more they want to inspect the product by themselves.

Many other companies tried doing the same thing but that was not as successful as Twix. The company also took advantage of social media. Nowadays making your way to the trending list on any famous apps like Instagram or Twitter will help your brand sales like nothing else. The company itself never released any actual difference between left and right Twix making sure that their sales remain high and people stay assuming the right answer.

Final thoughts:

Chocolate is a food that fits in all situations. It is the most frequently chosen sweet in any occasion or mood.it is so much loved that people would never mind spending a little extra in buying their favorite one. It is, without doubt, the superior and splendid food that nature has ever granted.


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